Order Center

Our on-line customer service center has been designed to offer you the ability, on an around-the-clock basis, to access FMC’s order entry system. With the use of your account name and password, you can now enter orders directly on our system, and access a full range of additional data. This includes order status, order history, Certificates of Analysis and Shipping documents, just to name a few. If at any time you have difficulty using our system, contact your Customer Service Representative. You can contact us at 1.888.lithium (1.888.548.4486) .

Our Order Center gives you the ability to do the following:  

Place an Order - You can place orders over the web directly into our system. Through this feature, you will be able to access the products that you have purchased from us in the past, enter orders for future delivery, and receive order confirmations on-line.

Get Order Status and History -  (Group or Specific)  With our on-line system, you can obtain up-to-date order status at any time. Because you are actually active in our SAP system, the status report you see is “real time”, not subject to the time delays associated with batch information downloads. Also, you can view and print your order history exactly as we see it here at FMC.

Get Order Related Documents - With our system, you can select, view and print any of the following documents for each order: Order Confirmation, Shipping document, Certificate of Analysis, and Invoice. Through our Product pages, you can also access our on-line MSDS system for the products you purchase.

Order Modification - Please direct all order modification requests to your Customer Service Representative.