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Lithium market performance is robust and economists predict strong long-term growth because of our ever-mobile global society. Lithium ion batteries deliver what consumers want in portable electronic devices; longer lasting power for computers, toys, cell phones, power tools, and PDA’s. Large format lithium ion batteries deliver more power for transportation. Transportation means cars, forklifts, lawnmowers, scooters, buses, short-haul trucks, and just about any form of mobility for people and products.

At FMC, we believe demand for lithium will grow more than 10 percent every year throughout the next decade. Fortunately, to meet this demand there are abundant resources of lithium located in continental brines in Chile and Argentina, and in hard rock pegmatites dispersed throughout the world.

FMC, along with other manufacturers in the industry, has ample ability to fulfill lithium demand in the coming decades. While new lithium producers will likely emerge in South America and China to broaden supply, not all producers will be able to produce the high level of quality, purity, and batch consistency required for optimum, efficient production of lithium ion batteries.

That’s why FMC knowledge and technology make a difference. For more - see FMC’s market leading technology and know-how when it comes to high quality products .

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