Since FMC provided the first lithium precursors used in the original lithium ion battery, better technology has been our pursuit, and success. FMC is the only major producer of lithium salts from continental brines that is not completely reliant on solar evaporation. Instead, a patented, proprietary process called selective absorption creates, our high quality products. Knowledge and innovation are instrumental in producing consistent high quality lithium and what make FMC the preferred provider in the industry.

We use proprietary processing technology throughout our downstream specialty inorganics, lithium metals, and organo-lithium products. But our knowledge doesn’t stop at processes. FMC has been a pioneer in novel cathode technologies and in development of new Stabilized Lithium Metal Powder technology (SLMP®) for anode lithiation.

Our aim is simple: 1) know our customer’s business better than any other lithium supplier; 2) help our customers overcome their challenges through partnership.

We continue to invest, in our own laboratories and in universities around the world, to develop unique application technology for our lithium pre-cursors. We partner with our customers to help make their ideas a commercial success. Most recently we licensed our layered, doped cathode technology to Umicore, a global materials technology group focused on performance materials. A listing of our current patents is available.

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