FMC Lithium is the only major producer of lithium salts from continental brines that is not completely reliant on solar evaporation. Instead, a patented, proprietary process called selective absorption creates our high quality products. Knowledge and innovation are instrumental in producing consistent high quality lithium, and are part of what make FMC Lithium the preferred provider in the industry.

We use proprietary processing technology throughout our downstream products as well, including specialty inorganics, lithium metals, and organolithiums. However, our knowledge doesn’t stop at manufacturing processes.

FMC Lithium has experience with a variety of organolithium applications including polymerization, deprotonation, nucleophilic addition, halogen metal exchange, and reduction, which our customer’s utilize to make a variety of products, from rubber for tires to pesticides for crops to drugs for cancer. Atorvastatin, Losartan, Efavirenz, Gemcitabine, Fenarimol, and Loratadine are just a few of these compounds. Using lithium reagents has been documented in many cases to produce cleaner reactions, higher selectivity, and greater yields versus some alternative chemistries, and often in fewer steps.

Our aim is simple: 1) know our customers’ business better than any other lithium supplier; 2) partner with our customers to help them overcome their challenges.

We continue to invest, in our own laboratories and in universities around the world, to develop unique application technologies. We partner with our customers to help make their ideas a commercial success.

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